A headshot is an audition on paper.

Make sure you’ve got one that gets the job done.

It takes more than a nice camera to get the perfect headshot.

It takes knowledge of the acting industry, an understanding of how and why a headshot is so much more than just a great photo of you.

It takes the ability to direct an actor and bring out your true self in a foreign (and let’s face it, a little uncomfortable) setting.

And it does take that fancy camera… but also a thorough understanding of light and what the camera does with it, and how to use it to create something that genuinely looks like you.

I'm Tobi Mattingly, photographer and theatremaker.

I'm Tobi Mattingly, photographer and theatremaker.

I’ve been shooting headshots since 2008, and I’ve been working in the theatre industry for over 20 years.

I’m an actor, so I’ve been in front of the camera myself and know how stressful it can be to get your headshots taken.

I’m a director and music director, so I’ve seen hundreds of headshot submissions and know which ones grab the attention and which ones fall flat. As a director I also know how to coach an actor and get them to open up and reveal their true self.